The science

Impossible mutation: The time scale of CrVr mutatuion from animal to humans and humans to humans doesnt makes sense. hence, it is not natural. It has to be man made

The Proofs

Bill Gates predicted a Coronavirus-like outbreak – Proving #CoronaVirus is a #ManMade #BioWeapon developed by #BigPharma #Wuhan #BioLabs #China. To recapitilize through #fundraising @gatesfoundation @richardbranson etc via @MailOnline

The Deep State Plan

Stats Fiddle :

Last week niggas was like.. Stay at home…

This week ALL IN niggas war ..

WHO believed the #Liberals


First They said : Stay at home for me

Then Soros said

And the all of the sudden…

All niggas out WAR

and just like that..

Whou would have thought

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