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July 2020

NWO bannig any product that cure to imposed multimillion pound vaccine


Imposition of mask. To test herd response


Vaccine found in Brexit England manufacture in India n Brazil

Anti-donald Trump Demostrations helps to demostrate defenetely Coronavirus is a hoax :


New Zealand claims to have just one active coronavirus case

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MAR 27, 2020, 11:34 PM BoJo test CrVr positive

Reforming : WHO

China banks


Honk Kong is back. Commie China loses

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31 Dec 2019

china reports for first time some few cases of Neumonia with origin: unknown

Tedros confirms ther is not virus and there is not pandemic

Tedros feeds back chinese propaganda Praising China

13 Feb 2020

2 american team visit for fisrt time wuhan

13Feb 2020

Tedros feeds back chinese propaganda Praising China

11 Mar 2020

finally WHO declares emergency

african countries write letters of concern

Tedros call Taiwuan raicist because of complaint on the out break handling